A Sound and Visual Experience

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Video: Linh My Truong
Sound: Josh Dunn

Virtual Live Performance on Sunday, 9/27/2020 as part of New York Textile Month.

Visual artist Linh My Truong and sound magician Josh Dunn present a collaborative performance of live suminagashi marbling visuals, analog video effects, VHS transmissions, and ambient modular synth textures for an out-of-this-world experience.

Linh My Truong is an interdisciplinary artist and educator working with textiles, video, and electronics. Through her exploration of the Japanese marbling art of suminagashi and her penchant for hard geometric forms, her work finds a place between chaos theory and an ordered universe. Her application of technology uses light to create immersive art installations, bringing traditional art forms into the 21st century. Website: https://linhcreates.art IG: @linhervision

Josh Dunn is an artist, DJ, and producer with a 20+ year record of championing obscure and leftfield sounds. He is a co-founder of Detroit record label 100 Limousines and a resident DJ at Nowadays in Brooklyn. Website: http://www.blest-day.com IG: @josh___dunn